Saturday, 10 July 2010

Day 24 - Hope for the Living

Today's match:

Germany 3 v. Uruguay 2

Hope for the Living is an extremely important project which ministers to orphans and vulnerable children, the sick and those infected with HIV/AIDS.

Vegetable gardens have been planted in the backyard of St Francis Church in Roodepan. The aim being to grow carrots, spinach, tomatoes and other nutritious food to supply the weekly food distribution programme for the orphans. An experienced team 'The Green Team' support the community by serving as care workers and maintaining the garden.

The team are also encouraging individuals to develop vegetable gardens in their own backyards, teaching them to grow their own food and to supplement their diet. Many homes house 5 or more people, so home grown food is much appreciated.

The orphans and vulnerable children (about 70 of them) also gather once a week at the church, for activities and to be served a hot cooked meal.

During our recent visit to Kimberley and Kuruman, we were delighted to join the team in doing some visiting, seeing some of the gardens and to serve the children dinner. I often think pictures can tell a better story than words:

We pray:
  • for the Revd Carol Starkey, co-ordinator of Hope for the Living
  • for the development of individual vegetable gardens
  • for a sharing of the world's resources
  • for those caring for children, grand-children and great grandchildren affected by HIV/AIDS
  • for the Green Team, giving thanks for their cheerful spirit and care for all
  • for the church in Roodepan, its outreach and ministry
  • For the distribution of medicine, the provision of sanitation and the availability of water in the poorer areas of South Africa

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