Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Austin van marks arrival of flame in Aylesbury Deanery

Great day today at Stone School. The Flame of Faith was transported from Mursley Deanery to Aylesbury in an Austin 7 van driven by Judy Walker from Stewkley. It was the longest non-stop trip for the van since a new engine had been installed 3 months ago, and it managed the journey 50 mins to go 20 miles. The candle was handed over to two school children by Betty Swabey, Judy's passenger from Ivinghoe. Following the handover I had the privilege of leading a school assembly on the theme of light and relay races, using the web site resources written by one of our clergy Bev Hollins, from Newport Deanery. 7 candles were left at the school for each class and the large flame taken to Dinton Church for the first deanery service tonight. It's the halfway point in the project and good to be on home territory in Stone. It's been one of the strange days in the life of the archdeacon. Buildings committee with talk of buying property and installing kitchens, phone calls about the placing of curates and women bishops, letters to write about clergy moves and faculties, emails about HR and churchyards, ironing and cleaning, school assembly and photo-call and preaching tonight. Where else would you find such variety in a day?


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