Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Streets of Jerusalem

Whilst I have been in the Holy Land I have been reading the latest book by Mary Grey 'The Resurrection of Peace'. She takes a journey through the land of the Holy One with the focus on the Israel/Palestine conflict. It has been good to read and reflect about the places we have visited whilst we visit them in a Lenten way. Today we walked, as three groups, the Via Dolorosa - the traditional route. It is through the old city in all it's hustle and bustle and ends in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre with all its religious chaos. It was a poignant reminder of, in a way, how little had changed, as Jesus took that journey and the world carried on, but at the same time how much should have been changed by the resurrection hope that is hours. That hope remains here - but is flickering dimly and trying its best not to go out. We have met some amazing Living Stones, determined for the light not to go out. The streets of Jerusalem are therefore a reminder to keep the light ablaze and the hope of the Resurrection alive in the Holy Land and in our own lives. We have it so easy, compared to the people of Hebron we met yesterday or the Christians in Bethlehem or the members of the Israeli armed forces trained to be occupiers. And if the death of the Prince of Peace means anything and that we really mean that through the resurrection Jesus is In our midst, then we need to take our prayers from the streets of Jerusalem into our Churches and homes that peace will someday come and the hope that is ours will not only be shared but experienced around the world.

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