Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 7 Bricks and Mortar

This morning was all about buildings. Not only am I literally surrounded by builders - building an extension here, but the Buckingham Archdeaconry Buildings Committee held its meeting here. By nine o'clock 6 vans had parked and two lorries had made deliveries, and at ten seven more cars arrived in the drive.

When I first started this job it was hard to get excited by diocesan property, however more and more I see its importance strategically in resourcing parishes to be best equipped to do the work of the kingdom. Good stewardship in the maintenance of houses and their development, purchase and sale is key. We are trying to have a flexible approach, particularly when it comes to deploying curates, and making the most of diocesan assets. Care is also important, as the condition of a house and provision of good public and private facilities, makes such a difference to personal ministry. For over two years now there has not been adequate building separation between my public and private worlds, and so I too am beginning to be very appreciative to builders, surveyors and property managers for making that possible. Only nine more weeks to go....

My grandfather was a builder, and my parents, on becoming engaged built, with his help, their own bungalow. That house proved to be (and still is 56 years later) a happy family home. Today I am so grateful for that, because, more than anything else, that has taught me both practically and spiritually what building is really all about.

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