Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sustaining the Sacred Centre

Lots of people around me seem to have time to blog. At the end of a twelve day run of 29 meetings it's enough just to survive and keep up with the emails, yet alone ponder and post. But, in all the busyness, there is an ongoing personal relationship with God which sustains me day by day. It's there in the inner dialogue of prayer, in the words people speak, in the glimpses of beauty across the Buckinghamshire countyside. So as we put an emphasis in the Oxford diocese, during 2010, to 'Sustain the Sacred Centre' I am going to spend each day of Lent blogging about where in the busyness of it all we can find God.

Teach me my God and King
in all things thee to see,
and what I do in anything
to do it as for thee.

A servant with this clause
makes drudgery divine:
who sweeps a room, as for thy laws
Makes that and the action fine.

George Herbert

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