Tuesday, 27 September 2011

More Poems from Spain

Come fly the river.
Be mad from flood storming loss.
Cry glory
and play, dancing along
the milky soft night sky.
Enfold the jewel gift
of butterfly.

A thousand
time rich trees
Smell the vale
Sing sweet green
and lazy the sun

Silvery Sentinel
You do not die
North faced lichen stumped tree.
From gentle knarledness
comes slender youth.
Branches bearing the potent fruit
To be ripened
then crushed to malleable flow
or to fall
received to decay.
To be absorbed
by the life of the root
or lost? MC

I walk wise
in Paradise Park
Soul alive and free
above the silver mirror sky
beneath the diamond tree.

Creo Creo Creo Senor

I know that He exists
The One and Only
He made a universe He didn't need,
It was the style of His love.
By His Son He entered the world to redeem.
Death to bring life,
by the Word and the Spirit
Beloved and Holy
He renews the scarred earth
Until the completion time.
A resurrection shared
Community born
Together, forever with Him.

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