Monday, 19 September 2011

Poetry and Paella - continued

For our final Communion service one participant wrote a creative the 'Los Olivos' creed


To write a poem
must I have something to say?
Word to convey
So many possibilities
like the leaves jostling above me.
I am content
to wait
and see.


I didn't have to read that book
was it duty
or a desire not to appear ungrateful?
I should have said
it's not my thing
when it was first offered
but I read it
what might I have done with the time?
write a poem?
not this one


The Olive Tree

Betrayed by your scars and gnarled appearance
who bears witness to man's betrayal.
Of nature gives the fairest though
crushed and beaten for our gain.
Centuries old you, constant companion
healing, nourishing, cleansing


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