Sunday, 19 December 2010

The problems of snow.....

Check list for clergy in snowy rural areas anticipating the forthcoming Christmas
services. If the answer is yes, stop at that question: 1) Do you live near the church ? 2) Do you have a 4 by 4 ? 3)Have you taken a course on a skid pan ? . If the answer is 'yes' by now you are blessed. Go and do your duty.....3) Do you have good lay people who can take the service ? 4) Can someone read a service sent to them by email ? 5) Can you cancel the service ? If the answer is 'yes' by now settle down in the warm in the knowledge that you have delegated wisely, if not 6) Do you know a friendly farmer who can give you a lift? 7) Can you walk ? 8) Is it worth the risk ? If you have answered 'yes' now then think about making 2011 the year of training the laity...... if you are still answering 'No' pray that no one else turns up either and blames the vicar for not trying hard enough.... or blame the archdeacon.