Tuesday, 27 September 2011

More Poems from Spain

Come fly the river.
Be mad from flood storming loss.
Cry glory
and play, dancing along
the milky soft night sky.
Enfold the jewel gift
of butterfly.

A thousand
time rich trees
Smell the vale
Sing sweet green
and lazy the sun

Silvery Sentinel
You do not die
North faced lichen stumped tree.
From gentle knarledness
comes slender youth.
Branches bearing the potent fruit
To be ripened
then crushed to malleable flow
or to fall
received to decay.
To be absorbed
by the life of the root
or lost? MC

I walk wise
in Paradise Park
Soul alive and free
above the silver mirror sky
beneath the diamond tree.

Creo Creo Creo Senor

I know that He exists
The One and Only
He made a universe He didn't need,
It was the style of His love.
By His Son He entered the world to redeem.
Death to bring life,
by the Word and the Spirit
Beloved and Holy
He renews the scarred earth
Until the completion time.
A resurrection shared
Community born
Together, forever with Him.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Poetry and Paella - continued

For our final Communion service one participant wrote a creative the 'Los Olivos' creed


To write a poem
must I have something to say?
Word to convey
So many possibilities
like the leaves jostling above me.
I am content
to wait
and see.


I didn't have to read that book
was it duty
or a desire not to appear ungrateful?
I should have said
it's not my thing
when it was first offered
but I read it
what might I have done with the time?
write a poem?
not this one


The Olive Tree

Betrayed by your scars and gnarled appearance
who bears witness to man's betrayal.
Of nature gives the fairest though
crushed and beaten for our gain.
Centuries old you, constant companion
healing, nourishing, cleansing


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Poetry and Paella

I have just spent a fantastic week at Hacienda Los Olivos in Spain leading a week on 'words'. There were six of us, playing with words, reading words and writing words. The fridge poetry on the first day got the creative juices going, and the excellent food and surroundings added to the inspiration that flowed by the end of the week. I have promised the group that I would display our poetry on the blog...so here is a taster. Hopefully more will be posted before the end of the month. Pour a large glass of Sangria and enjoy! Thanks to all those poets (and budding poets) for a most memorable week.

Almond and Rosemary

Marzipan and roast lamb

Sundays and Christmas
Here along the road.
Smelt, sun drenched, ripe for the taking
and making
baking and creating.
Symbols of new life and laughter
plenty, ground, placed, paste
Create, taste
God saw, and yes, it was good.


Los Olivos (A Psalm)

Life in abundance

Offered and received

Silence and laughter - equally free

Open to otherness

Looking attentively

Inviting creativity

Values we find

Our thanks to our Maker

Saviour, Lord



The sun rises over the hard-edged mountain.
I sit entranced, silent in its golden warmth,
Stunned before its majesty. (JB)

The Olive Tree

So dry the land, so bare, unwelcoming
And yet the olive tree
Lush, green, abundant.
Improbable., impossible
But for its roots searching deep for the water of life.


Andalucian September

Relentless sky, infinitely clear and blue;
Around me
Red-grey ground, dry and crisp,
Exhausted grasses crackling underfoot.
No rain,
No cloud,
No water.
Yet there is green:
Olive green, almond green, grass green, leaf green,
Swaying in the gathering breeze.
And water,
Deep below, concealed, waiting.
Roots delve, explore, discover,
Quench thirst,
Bring life in green abundance.

A Nervous Swimmer

A nervous swimmer
I crouch beside the pool,
Half-attracted by the cool, clear water, sapphire in the mid-day sun,
Anticipating the pleasure and thrill of immersion.
But half-fearful, hesitant,
not quite trusting
its promise of renewal.
I breathe deeply,
Take the plunge……..


Reflections inside and out

Distant birds passing

heavy breeze

solid blue sky

constant crickets communicate

- another tongue underfoot.

The world below is lost

- on hold this moment.

Soul searching, delve deeper,

down, down, within

where truth lies

undisturbed by rush, time, expectations and

domestic duty.

There deep within is treasure

that speaks 'I am'

deliberately slowly

as if to say 'Hello' once more.

The core of our being, undisturbed.

Our reason for living.

Reach within, pull it out,

direct the memory, inspect the love.


for one second, everything else

speak truth, the truth

and be.

Be. Begin again,

refrain 'I am' again and again.

Let it resonate, resound

so the natural orchestra can become one

in time, in tune, in harmony


Tuck it up again, inside,

the part of God that knew you from the beginning

and rest awhile

on the mountain top.


Wine in the Olive Grove

(or the consequences of it!)

Green leaves gleam in the afternoon sun

clink of glasses, grasshoppers chirping

Anticipating your fruit with wine's

bouquet. Smooth fruit

unripened. memories

of childhood


The man





They said 'Why leave us here?'

All in the end is Harvest!

(Rama Kaje)