Thursday, 19 December 2013

What if...? Day 19

Beautiful Holy Communion yesterday with the sisters at Burnham Abbey.  A quiet oasis in the midst of a busy time and a busy season.  The chance to stop, and pray and share in Holy things.

I think one of the most important aspects of the work of the Anglican Church in Bucks is the praying presence of two communities.  The Sisters of Burnham Abbey at one end and the Well at Willen, in Milton Keynes at the other.   It seems significant that symbolically all we do, up and down the archdeaconry is sandwiched together by prayer.   The fact that not many people know that is even more striking.   Silently, regularly, rhymically the needs of the church and the world are brought before God.  That is so reassuring to me as I drive from one end to the other throughout the year.

Yesterday's reading at Holy Communion was the Birth of Jesus narrative from Mathew's gospel.  We were reminded that Christ was Emmanuel, God with us.  This one day event, now can be an everyday event if we acknowledge Christ in our lives.   That is made even more real to me as I connect occasionally with the praying presence that is Burnham Abbey, recognising its eternal significance for all that we do.

What if.. we all stopped for a moment today and put what concerns us into perspective?

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