Friday, 13 December 2013

What if.....Day 13

Over the past few weeks, I have been keeping a watching eye on Masterchef - The Professionals, and thoroughly enjoyed the final last night.  It has been interesting to see a good chef becoming a great chef.   How does that happen?   I suppose during the series the chefs have learnt new skills, have been mentored by some great chefs themselves and been put in some pretty pressured situations.  But, the main thing is that they appear to have become more confident in their own abilities to be creative,  to play around with flavours and produce finally, almost a flawless 3 course meal.

The final included a piece about the 3 finalists own background, all had a different story to tell, but it became clear that it had not been education or university that led them to fulfil their passion, but a love of cooking and food.   When so many of us enjoy going out for a good meal it is helpful to be reminded that vocational training is of as much benefit to our society as academics, with a constant drive for educational standards and top grades, where would we be without bricklayers and hairdressers, beauty therapists and cooks?

I am looking forward in the new year to eating in the restaurent attached to our local college.  Maybe the next Masterchef champion will be cooking lunch?

What if......we paid more attention to passion than qualifications?

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