Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What if......Day 18

A Chrismassie evening last night with those training to be Licenced Lay ministers and Priests in the archdeaconry, hosted by our Director of Ordinands.   It was very encouraging to see the variety in the room of age, gender and Christian tradition.  A group of people enthusiastic to serve God and God's Church.

Usually the group that the archdeacon has least to do with prior to ordination, it was also good to see last night people known to me as those who have been active in their local churches for many years.   As individuals are encouraged to use their gifts ministries develop.   The often used word when people describe their call to licenced ministry is 'surprise'.  That God uses ordinary people in the service of the world is hardly rocket science (who else can he use) but the fact that it is you and me somehow makes it even more unbelievable.

Participation in God's work has no barriers, just a willing heart is required.  Only by having men and women who say 'yes' can that important work be done - and what is that work?  Making disciples of all the nations, yes, but also feeding the hungry, visiting the lonely, clothing the naked, befriending the stranger.  In fact making the world a better place.  The fact that God continues to call people tells me that the work is far from complete and the mission of the Church will continue as it has done for two thousand years.

What if......we all did something for the Kingdom today?

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