Thursday, 12 December 2013

What if...Day 12

Driving around the diocese it is possible to experience considerable variances in weather.  Yesterday driving first to Donnington and back, and then to Eton it was fog all the way, but returning home Slough deanery was 6 degrees colder than Aylesbury.   Snow is the interesting one, when you are almost snowed in on the edge of the Chilterns it is hard to be believed when the sun is shining Milton Keynes or Slough.

Commuting short distances you hardly view floods or ice with any cause for concern, but not knowing what one will discover 30 or 40 miles from home, makes it necessary to put all manner of items in the car boot - just in case.

Driving to a short listing meeting in fog was not great, you get comfort in small things - the familiar sat nav, the lights of pubs and garages on the way, the lights on the car in front.  Much like life really, when all is blurred and muddled, it is the familiar  and mundane which gives that basic security.

I wish I could be a bit more laid back when it comes to travelling around - doing 12,000 miles a year I should be used to it, but each journey is made with a prayer and there is great relief when I am told I have reached my destination.  But again the same thing goes for life, if it were not such an adventure then we would have no need of faith.

What if.....we embraced the adventure rather than feared the road ahead?

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