Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 15 - Training Centre in Taung

Today's matches:

Portugal 0 v. Brazil 0
North Korea 0 v. Ivory Coast 3
Chile 1v. Spain 2
Switzerland 0 v. Honduras 0

With significant financial help from the Oxford Diocese a former mission house in Taung has been transformed into a training centre for the diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman. Using local labour both sleeping and living accommodation has been provided, within what was just a shell of a building.

The original vision was for a Peer Education centre, training those delivering a teaching programme for HIV/AIDS prevention across the diocese, however the aims have now broadened to use the building in various ways, including providing a resource for the local church at Taung.

Following a meeting in Taung between representatives from both dioceses a small working group (made up of diocesan staff and local people) was set up to propose a use for the building and it has been recommended that the centre be used for:
  • the HIV and AIDS Programme in the Diocese eg. training Diocesan AIDS facilitators, Peer Education skills and development skills

  • that it be made available for AIDS patients and people in need of counselling which will be facilitated by trained personnel and be referred to specialised institutions

  • as there is a need for Spiritual Formation and Development in the Diocese the centre will be furnished to meet this need.

  • that in preparing the youth for future leadership in the Church. The Centre also be made available for Youth Development
We pray for:
  • the local church in Taung and Fr Lesego Senturumane the new self-supporting priest at St Chads and the Church Wardens
  • that the centre be soon used for the good of the local church and the wider church in the diocese

  • that it will become a beacon of hope, learning and healing

  • that people will be found to care for the building and co-ordinate the programme running from it

  • the continued release of funding for Peer Education, and wisdom in the use of money raised from donors in the Oxford diocese

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