Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The World Cup in the Northern Cape

As football fever mounts I thought I would investigate what is happening regarding the World Cup in the Northern Cape. Uruguay have chosen Kimberley as their base throughout the tournament, and upgrades have been made to the stadium to enable the team to practice, as well as to the Protea Hotel, near the Big Hole, where they will be staying.

And for spectators, the Northern Government are going to make available five Public Viewing Areas (PVAs) throughout the Province with another ten mobile PVA’s that will move from one centre to another at any given time. They have also purchased equipment for ten indoor PVA’s at various Municipalities across the Province. The public viewing areas will emulate the atmosphere at the stadiums and will allow fans to converge at a central point to watch all games live.

As the Northern Cape prepares to host these events we pray:

  • for people's safety where large crowds gather

  • for all those involved in hosting, stewarding, training and management

  • for the concerns of those in rural areas, including child traffiking

  • for opportunity, for fun and for community benefit.

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  1. I'll be following your 25 days and I've put a plug for your blog on mine - http://dmh0.blogspot.com/ - David