Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 3 - The Hub of the Diocese

Matches today:
Algeria 0 v. Slovenia 1
Germany 4 v. Australia 0
Serbia 0 v. Ghana 1

Kimberley. Dusty town, once bustling city. Place of hope where men, white men, black men, men of no particular colour worked shoulder to shoulder to unearth one of God's precious gifts to humankind. A place where dreams were shattered, people's faith in the other destroyed and greedy men took everything.

Kimberley and Kuruman Diocese, place of hope where we seek to enable people to rediscover and see the light of God in each other's face and eyes. Where men and women can hold hands and bring hope to hopeless people. A diocese where the diamonds are not hewn from the unrelenting hands of granite, but from the rich and fertile ground of solid faith.

We give thanks to God for the administrative hub of the diocese and pray for Bishop Ossie, Cynthia de Beer, Helen Buatre, Abigal Douberend, Jonathan Verwant (Resource Officer), Gawie Bouwer and Russell Visser (Archdeacons), Andrew Paulus and Catherine Oor.

Lord of Heaven and earth, we ask you to provide the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman with everything necessary for its spiritual growth: schools to educate children in your love and service, ministers to do your work in the area, churches in which to worship and glorify you. Strengthen and confirm the faithful, protect and guide the children, comfort and heal the sick and afflicted, remove every hindrance to the advancement of your truth and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within the body of your holy Church. To the honour and glory of your name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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