Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 2 - Bishop Ossie and Bishop John

Today's matches:
South Korea 2 v. Greece 0
Argentina 1 v. Nigeria 0
England 1 v. USA 1

A successful diocesan link is based upon a strong relationship between two bishops. Bishop Ossie and Bishop John model a good working bond based upon trust, friendship and the ability to listen to and learn from one another. Both have busy lives, but have found time over the last three years to share with each other the joys and challenges of ministry. In Kimberley and Kuruman there are just over twenty full-time clergy, including the Bishop and Dean. In Oxford there are almost 400.

Both Bishops are very talented individuals and I am pleased, in this blog, to be using liturgy written by Bishop Ossie, and a number of photographs taken by Bishop John.

We pray today for both Bishops

  • that they may have wisdom and discernment in the difficult decisions they have to make;
  • that they may know God's joy as they minister across the dioceses;
  • that they may have space to be renewed and refreshed;
  • that they have energy and stamina for their often punishing schedules;
  • that they be continually inspired by the Holy Spirit for preaching and teaching and
  • that their friendship may be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

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