Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 4 - De Aar

Matches today:

Holland 2 v. Denmark 0
Japan 1 v. Cameroon 0
Italy 1 v. Paraguay 1

We visit today the once busy junction of De Aar. Once colourful and entertaining people from north, south, east and west; now still and dusty. Yet from those dusty plains the voice of God reaches out - and reaches out.

De Aar, meaning "artery", after the underground water supply was the second most important railway junction in South Africa. It has a population of about 45,000 people.

Though a remnant of an industry that was the life-blood of the country, people of hope continue to live and worship there; ministering, caring and loving the people of God.

We look beyond the quiet and lifeless remains of a communications network and we see life - we see sheep grazing and we remember our God-given task to feed his sheep and tend his lambs. We rise up to proclaim a gospel that assures us that God gave up his Son that we might have life - and have it in abundance.

  • We pray for the work of the church in De Aar
  • For those who have no work and no hope
  • For those who work on the railways in South Africa
  • For the Revd Canon Tom and Emma Moffatt, from the Oxford diocese, as they prepare to spend time living and working in De Aar

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