Monday, 1 March 2010

Day 11 Simply Ironing

It takes around 2 minutes for me to iron a surplice! Ironing, isn't one of those tasks that I can say I enjoy - but it has to be done nonetheless, unless like my sister, you can persuade someone else to do it!

My mother tells the tale of her domestic science class at school, where she was taught week after week how to iron a handkerchief. I give thanks for paper tissues! However, I find there is something satisfying in ironing a simple square, or oblong shaped piece of material and folding it neatly as you go. That was why I quite enjoyed the occasions, in my former parish, when the lady who did the linen was away on holiday and I could wash and iron the purificators! Spray starch and neatly ironed into three. So in my washing there always has to be something square to counter the awkward ironing of shirts and fitted sheets (I always leave those to last!). Ironing can be a time to practise the presence of God and to bring some uniformity into what is otherwise a very haphazard life. Back to Brother Lawrence....

Dearest Father in heaven, because of your grace, the infection of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, a very ordinary domestic servant became extraordinarily aware of your presence. Grant me the grace to experience the joys of true awareness of your presence, that I may go about my daily tasks in joyful harmony with you. Amen

John Ford


  1. So impressed by your record 2 minutes for surplice ironing I've twittered a link to this post. Even more impressed that you iron fitted sheets. I just take great care how I dry them. Love the John Ford prayer. Thank you.

  2. You should really get someone else to do it for you! It's not pleasant to do, but we have to do this :)