Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Day 12 Stopping and Looking

'Look it's a pheasant!'
Something I never would have said at any of my previous homes. Growing up in Billericay we used to have three pigeons that would perch on the garage...and the next door neighbour had a budgerigar, and a fox would occasionally walk up the path, but I didn't take much notice of anything else. Then as a Curate in Northallerton, living on a housing estate full of cats, I didn't really see much at all - only cat's. In fact none of the house actually looked out over the garden.
In Maidstone there were foxes, and squirrels and I had my first siting of fieldfares, who demolished by holly berries literally in one foul swoop.

But now...well yes, there are foxes, and squirrels, pigeons and fieldfares, but there are also pheasants and red kites, muntjac deer and moles. In fact my binoculars are a permanent feature downstairs. Just last week I think the postman was quite shocked to see me peering out of the study window as he approached. And this has all taught me to take some time to appreciate what is around. To be attentive to nature and to wonder at creation. I would never have chosen to live in such an isolated location, but God has blessed me with a whole company of creatures to share it with.

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