Friday, 5 March 2010

Day 14 Surprised by Snow

Fantastic short break in Reykjavik. Hotel room with a sea view and central location, and some great culture. Art galleries abound - probably because, unlike us, they do not cram more than a few rooms in each gallery, giving visitors a chance to really concentrate on what is on show. But, alas the Northern Lights remained hidden behind clouds.

The best thing however was the snow! Quite strange, you may say, as we have had more than enough of the stuff in England this winter. But, snow in Iceland seemed different - it seemed cleaner for one thing, and didn't prevent people from getting about. It also moved fairly quickly - so a snowstorm was followed by rainbows and sunshine. The colours were fantastic, as mountains in full view one minute, disappeared the next. So sculpture gardens were explored ankle deep in snow and perfect snow balls could be made during a walk beside the sea. Above all though, isn't snow better when you haven't got to be somewhere, or do something ? We may have had plenty in Buckinghamshire, but it takes different snow to be appreciated. It may not have been the Northern Lights but it was a good second best.

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