Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 28 - Taking Time

A bit of a later blog today. The course finished after lunch yesterday, and I managed to carve out some 'sustaining the sacred centre time'. Lovely weather in Sheffield so I decided to drive out from Sheffield to Castleton - I was feeling absolutely shattered at the end of the course, but getting out of the city energised me before spending the evening with some good friends in Sheffield. Good food, wine, and conversation was the order of the evening.

It's hard for clergy to take time and nurture long term friendships, those who live in close proximity are a bit easier to maintain, however when friends live a distance away and you need more than a day or evening with them it's extremely hard to take time out. Hence, the evening being so special. Although I had seen my friends once in ten years, when they came down to my welcome as Archdeacon, I hadn't seen their children and so enjoyed catching up with them too. I stayed the night and this morning we had a cooked breakfast, a tour of Sheffield (including the cathedral) and coffee in town before I drove back.

I could have so easily attended the course and straight away returned home again....and am aware that I have chosen to do that on too many occasions. The moment I land in doors, I am into work again...juggling the unpacking with emails, opening post, watering plants, making phone calls, doing the washing etc. etc. So by taking time NOT to do what I normally do, I was able to re-energise a good friendship, visit a new place, have a lie in (and breakfast cooked for me!) before the re-entry. I need to do that more often, particularly when courses rob you of your day off, and I am aware that the drivenness has not been completely forgotten in a busy week (unlike taking a holiday).

So I have taken some time posting this blog too - allowing for the 'grace'ful things to replace the 'pressing' things for a refreshing change.

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