Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 13 Taking a Short Break

Just a short blog today in appreciation of the short break.

A diary is key to the life of an archdeacon, and although sometimes the diary takes hold of me, I am determined to have control of the diary. That's been a particular challenge because as work and weekends blur into each other my public and private diary has to be one and the same thing. If someone else booked in all the requests that came my way, I would end up with little time for preparation, reading, house hold chores or days off, so instead I take control of the bookings so I can spread them out and can take a long hard look every few weeks or so to strike out particular time if I need it.

I have to admit not every week contains a proper day off - that is a full 36 hrs to recharge - and that is where short breaks come in. Looking ahead during a particularly busy time I can sometimes manage to strike out two or three days, and then enjoy looking at advertisements or articles in magazines to plan a bargain break. So far in the last few years these have taken me to Buxton, Rutland Water, Llanelli, and now to Iceland. So that's where I am at the moment - sustaining my sacred centre and trying to get a view of the Northern Lights.

For all those trying to get hold of me, don't worry I'm back tomorrow....

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