Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Day 19 - Poor Signal

I am currently at a theological college with the Bishop's staff team. It reminds me of being at Trinity, Bristol 15 years ago, with the bathroom and toilet down the corridor...and to add to the inconvenience there is very poor mobile Internet connection. Everything is taking an awful long time to come up on the screen. Perhaps that is not a bad thing for one day in Lent? It makes me realise how reliant we have come to be on checking our emails quickly and constantly, or making contact with the rest of the world at the touch of a button.

Internet wasn't around for theological students 15 years ago, nor were mobile phones. The inconvenience then was running along the corridor to answer the one phone...and then trying to find the person who was being called; it was spending hours in the library researching information from books; it was writing letters to friends and family. Did it make a difference? I would say no, it was only an inconvenience because now we have something to compare it with... like fast broadband and en suite facilities in rooms.

Modern technology is amazing and has changed life forever, today I am thankful for it. But, more thankful am I at having time to appreciate what we take for granted. In an age where things work quicker to enable us to fit more's good to take double the time blogging today.

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