Saturday, 5 March 2011

Anticipating another Lent

I have had my arm twisted by Christian Aid to Blog about Counting my Blessings during Lent. Another challenge I rise too! There are so many blessings in my job, even the most mundane and so to focus on all I take for granted once again is a good discipline. I am also thinking about....and it is not yet Ash Wednesday up chocolate. This for me will be an extreme challenge and something I have never done before. It will also mean finding enough treats in my life not to resort to the quality street box, or the malteser packet...or whatever else there is around to give me a boost. Now there may be blessing galore around....but the need for an occasional sugar rush is very strong. I think I need to begin to look in different places for the treat that is God, so maybe the two are linked and Lent may be an exciting journey of self-discovery. Perhaps something to even look forward to?


  1. Like you I intend to give up chocolate for Lent, also like you will find it quite difficult since dark chocolate is an addiction of mine and constitutes about a quarter of my daily calorie intake.
    Unlike you, I have done it before and must say it is a hugely rewarding feeling (eventually)!
    Perhaps one of the greatest of God's blessings is the gift of will-power.
    Wish you success.

  2. I'm going to try to follow the 'Love Life Live Lent' booklet which has the big advantage of not giving something up! Let's compare notes!

  3. if you're getting a choc rush from a malteser box, you don't sound too addicted! Or maybe it's evidence for homeopathy? Lucy and I have been reduced to desparate measure of having chili in our bars of Lindt 70% so that we can't over-indulge. And I'm afraid she will be banning all chocs for us during the Holy Season, as usual.