Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It's strange isn't it how something suddenly becomes part of our life. I can understand how technology moves on and new inventions appear. However, am puzzled with the way other things catch on - things like Sudoku. Life before Sudoku comprised IQ type puzzles and crosswords, word searches and anagrams. Then the nine numbered square appeared from no-where and Sudoku are everywhere. We find our own level - Easy, hard, tough, fiendish. There are even Killer Sudoku's and Ken Ken's. There is a whole new number industry, and I am sure pencil sales have increased too.

Today Christian Aid asks us to give 20p for every crossword or Sudoku attempted this week. That's £1 from me, as my weekly attempts from the Saturday paper comprise the cryptic crossword, a general knowledge crossword, a hard and a tough and a Killer. I take it all for granted doing puzzles, which I have enjoyed from an early age. Yet roughly 16% of the world's population cannot read or write, something to think about today as I do both.

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