Monday, 21 March 2011

Stacking Shelves

My first Saturday job took place on a Thursday. After school each week from the age of 14 I worked in a local mini-market. It sold everything, and I was charged with stacking the shelves, after the owner had returned from the cash and carry. However, I didn't stack all the shelves, my responsibility were the pet foods and the soups. I had to write down exactly what was running out of stock ready for the next I specialised in makes and flavours of cat food, and the flavours of Heinz soup.

The apprentice on a Thursday then eventually was promoted to become a Saturday girl. This was great fun, there were two of us and we did everything from slice meats, to cutting and weighing cheese, from operating the till to washing the floor and sticking posters in the window (which was the highlight as we had to balance on top of the freezer to do that!). Then at the end of the day we were given our wages. It was fantastic, that feeling of being given bank notes for the first time in recognition for work.

Earning the British minimum wages puts us among the richest 11%in the world. And although a stipend is comparatively low, we are rich compared to many. Today I give thanks for the opportunities to work and the reward (financial and otherwise) in doing so.

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