Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mmmm Pancakes!

Something I usually never get around to eating are pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. In fact I think the last time I had them was at a Pancake Party we held in my former parish some...6 years ago. It's not like I don't like them or anything but is one of the definite disadvantages to being in a single-person household. You just cannot make batter for one or two pancakes....so off you go and one gets cold while you cook the next and so on. Then I am usually going out somewhere in the evening and so what should be an extended cooking and eating time to enjoy the last pre-Lenten indulgence never actually happens.

With all the chocolate being removed from the house today (like the rapid removal of linen ritual that happens in churches at the end of Maundy Thursday), I have decided this pancake treat must be reinstated. No, I realise it is not the using up of ingredients in the cupboard, but the pancakes from M & S looked so tempting...and can be put in the microwave...and come in small packets. So hey presto...I can indulge and get to my meeting by 7.30pm without the surplus batter. Not quite as it was in my childhood, or with a congregation, but the intention is there and, together with the 'stripping of the chocolate' it will make my Shrove Tuesday complete.

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  1. Do you have a ritual for the 'stripping of the chocolate'?