Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Last year I reported on the water burst whilst the extension was being built on my house. Unfortunately the water problems haven't gone away. Since then there have been frozen pipes, a leaky bath, dripping taps, a small pond appearing in the front garden and, worst of all, water from melting snow on the roof pouring through the ceiling of the new extension! In fact it feels like I have been plagued by water since moving in here three and a half years ago.

It's not only the inconvenience of water appearing in the wrong places, it is the waste. At a time when we are to be conserving the planet's resources, it doesn't seem right to be watching water go down the drain (or so to speak!).

Today is World Water Day......in wishing to conserve mine, I am mindful of all those who still have to walk miles to collect it My prayers are with them today and for all those who work at building water pumps, and wells, and those who drill bore holes and lay pipes. Today I will give 20p for every glass I drink, every tap I turn on and every flush of the loo for taking this precious thing so very much for granted.

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