Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A lost childhood

I am always moved when I hear or see accounts of children who care for their parents or siblings. The courage and selflessness is often overwhelming, as these youngsters juggle school and homework, with cooking, feedings and housework.

Many children around the world also support their family financially. Unlike me, who kept the money from my Saturday job, many children go to work after school, or at weekends to contribute to the family because the family couldn't survive otherwise. In some countries children work on rubbish dumps, in others factories and in others quarries. It is hard work and long hours.

I give 50p today because I have money in the bank at the end of every month. Many people neither have money left nor energy. So many children are forced by circumstances to give up their childhood to care or to go out to work. Those who support them financially or by offering holidays or a group to be part of are to be commended.

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