Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

We may not know, we cannot tell
what pains he had to bear
But we believe it was for us
he hung and suffered there.

Today Christians throughout the world remember the most significant event in history. That Christ died on the cross. We serve a crucified God. God willing to give up everything out of love for humankind. The sinless one was punished, the lamb of God was offered up, the price was paid. However we look at what happened, and however flawed our understanding, the death of Jesus has changed and challenged people ever since it happened.

The cross calls us to a life of service - to give ourselves up in return to serve God, to make our own sacrifices out of love for him. To count as nothing the things of the world for the sake of life itself. It's no wonder that our schools, our hospitals, many of our aid agencies, our charities and our community groups were started by Christians and are funded by Christians. Local surveys often reveal the level of volunteerism amongst Christians to be higher than any other group.

We give thanks for all organisations and individuals in the world reaching out to those in need.

Today as Christians we stop serving the world for one moment and instead gather around the cross. An empty Cross, reminding us of the cost and the calling. The world in all its busyness may pass us by, may pass Him by, but this day we can be renewed in our compassion by the generosity of God, and restored in our commitment through the love of Christ.

BROKEN FOR ME, broken for you,
The body of Jesus, broken for you.

He offered His body, He poured out His soul;
Jesus was broken, that we might be whole:

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