Monday, 18 April 2011

Turning up the Heat

In this Holy Week, for our blessings we focus on heat. With such a warm spell of weather as we have been having it has been good to already turn down the central heating. Usually it is around the middle of May when people begin to feel warm enough to wear fewer layers and do without the radiators on.

95% of homes in Britain have central heating. It is something many take for granted. However, I must admit that moving into a house that relies on oil for its heating has made me take more notice than ever before of the thermostat. I feel particularly virtuous therefore today when I am asked to give 50p for every degree the thermostat is above 20 degrees. Mine is never turned up that much!

Yet I am mindful of those who have little heat, including those in our own country. We take it very much for granted and it is not until the oil runs out or the boiler breaks down that we really experience what others do all of the time.

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