Thursday, 21 April 2011

Maundy Thursday

Although all Lent's are the same length, this one seems to have been a particularly long one! I think it is because Easter falls the latest it ever can, and the 'lengthen' season when the days get longer has been accompanied by all the daffodils flowering and dying, the blue bells out a few weeks early and everyone in shorts and T.shirts. Now it feels we are on the edge of summer, rather than the start of the last few days before the dawning of a new beginning.

It's strange how our environment affects our inner spirit. That's why these next three days lend themselves so well to a reawakening of the senses and the drama of the passion of Christ. I still have memories of Oberammergau in my mind this year and began yesterday to replay the music in my car as I drove along. I may not understand the German but I can easily get into the mood of the passion play. This morning I join clergy from across the diocese at the Cathedral where holy oil is blessed and vows made now 16 years ago are renewed. Tonight I share supper and the liturgy of the Last Supper and Watch with the sisters at Burnham Abbey.

It may not feel like Holy Week outside but by bringing all of ourselves to the liturgical commemoration of Christ's last days we can share once again in his love and compassion. As I count my blessings today with Christians throughout the world and reflect on Christ's call to service I become part of something much bigger. My actions matter for the sake of Christ in the world.

As one recycled tin can save enough energy to power a television for three hours somewhere else my stewardship matters. Yes, for others because they matter, but for Christ too. Who calls us all this day no longer strangers but friends and gives us that commandment to do for others what he has done for us.

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