Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Water butt.....

With some fantastic weather over the weekend I used my new water butts for the first time. I felt particularly virtuous as I filled the watering can with rain water. Such a simple thing - saving rain water for another use, and saving fresh tap water at the same time. I hope my plants enjoyed it!

This week Christian Aid asks us to think about well being around the world. We take it for granted turning on a tap, or running a shower or bath and seeing the clear, clean water come out. Last year I counted how many taps I had - too many compared to many thousands of people who have to walk to a water supply. I can still picture the joy of people I met in Kimberley and Kuruman, as they managed to recycle wash water for their vegetable garden using a rusty old petrol can.

Nearly 1 billion people do not have clean water. Symbolically I have now moved away from wasting clean water on my plants but an annual count up of the taps is always a stark reminder of how different life is for me. 17 + 2 showers + 2 water butts = 21 (£2.10 for Christian Aid)

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